Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how it all works? Here are some Q&A to show you how we roll here at EFB.


Who is Emma?

Emma Sinclair is a Waikato based nutritionist, foodie and local food lover. She runs EFB with her husband Harland and a trusted team of wonderfully enthusiastic people.

What exactly is a food bag?

The food bag concept originates in Emma’s native Sweden, and has taken Europe and the world by storm! Although there are variations, in a nutshell it’s recipes and ingredients from a set menu for weeknight dinners, delivered to your home at the start of the working week. More often than not, food bags are a subscription-based system where the food arrives weekly or fortnightly.

What’s in the bag?

We deliver meat, vegetables, dry-goods and deli items – all perfectly portion sized and as locally sourced as possible. To reduce the amount of packaging we use, we don’t send out basic store cupboard items that most people would typically have at home e.g. stock, oils, vinegars and basic spices. Click here to view our most frequently used store cupboard items.


When are the menu’s published and when must I order by?

Our menus are published on our website every Wednesday morning, a week before delivery. Orders close 9am Wednesday prior to delivery.

Where can I see the next menu?

Shimmy over to the menu page to view the menu. We also post a link to our Facebook page. If you haven’t already ‘liked’ our page, jump over and do this now so you can stay in the loop with everything that’s happening at EFB.

We will also send you our e-Newsletter every Tuesday, which features the highlights for our upcoming menu, as well as the latest news from HQ.

How often do you repeat your meals?

As a rule we will bring you new and inspirational recipes every week of every year! However, some of our meals are so popular we would feel mean not repeating them.


When and how can I order?

You can order at any time, however, the cut-off time for order for the delivery on the coming Sunday is every Wednesday at 9am. So for example, if you’d like to order a bag to be delivered on Sunday 14th August, you need to have let us know by Wednesday 10th August 9am.

Please understand that we do order exactly as much produce and ingredients as we will need to meet orders and no more. That means if you haven’t ordered in time chances are we won’t be able to deliver a bag to you that week. If you need to cancel after the order deadline we will always try to help re home your bag, however if a home cannot be found, you will still be obliged to purchase the bag.

I’d like to order a one-off, will I have to commit to a subscription?

You can order a one-off, or choose to have a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly order set up…

I don’t like the next menu / I have visitors coming next week and our normal bag won’t be suitable / We’re going away … I need to pause/cancel/ change my subscription.

No problem at all, just sign in to your account and pause your delivery. Alternatively you can also email us and we sort it out for you. Just remember… this needs to be done by Wednesday 9am… We really appreciate any feedback or concerns you may have so please do email us. We won’t bite!


How do I make payment?

Payment is made via credit/ debit card via our website. Payment for your first order and one off orders will be taken upon ordering, on going subscription payments will be taken upon shop closure each week where you have a live order.


Where do you deliver to?

Hop over here to see our current, but ever expanding, delivery zone. Even if it says we can’t it’s always worth dropping us an email or give us a call 07 834 1334, we’d love to hear from you.

When do you deliver?

This varies from area to area. You will receive the date/best time for your post code in the check out phase. In a nutshell though, Cambridge north to Auckland is a Sunday delivery and everywhere else is a Monday. Please note that on long weekends the delivery day is pushed back a day.

What if I’m not home when you deliver? Do I have to be there to sign for it?

If you’re not home our wonderful delivery drivers will find a suitable place to put the food. When you order you can tell us your preferred delivery spot, where it’s safe from animals and the weather etc. We will leave the meat and dairy in a box for dsafge keeping, however we recommend leaving an iced chilly bin out if you’re not going to be home when the food is delivered, especially on hot days.

Do you use couriers for delivering the food?

Currently, we use couriers for Morrinsville, Thames, Waihi, Tauranga, Taupo, Rotorua and the wider B.O.P. That means no rural deliveries for those areas. We can however deliver to local drop points for easy collection! If you have any questions, please get in touch.

What if something is missing in my Emma’s food bag when it’s delivered?

Occasionally this happens from time to time. The bags are packed by humans, not robots and in spite of our best and most thorough efforts things can go astray. We provide you with a list of everything that is in your bag so check things off as you unpack and let us know as soon as possible if something is not right so that we can fix it.

Do you have any other questions that we haven’t been able to answer yet?

Just get in touch with us and we see what we can do.


There are six of us in our family, is there a bag for us?

At this stage no, however you could order a 2 and 4 person bag! We are currently considering a 6 person bag, so get in touch and let us know you’re interested.

It’s just me in my household. Do you have a Single’s Bag?

At this stage no, however it is something we are considering so pop us a message to express your interest. In the meantime, we recommend ordering a two person bag. You can cook one meal one night either with less ingredients than indicated and cook something else out of the remaining ingredients or have the leftovers the next day. Win-win!

I’m a vegetarian, do you have vegetarian bags?

Yes, there are also Vegetarian options in the Bespoke Menu Planner!

Do you have a Gluten Free menu?

At this stage no, however it is something we are considering so pop us a message to express your interest. In the meantime however, our Inspiration Bag menu is gluten free every fortnight and our Bespoke Menu has a range of GF meal options.

I have a small child, how “child friendly” are your meals?

Good question! The answer is, it depends on the child… Our OriginalInspiration and Express Menus are aimed at families with a slight sense of adventure and a desire to try new things, but there is nothing too crazy in there. The Family Bag (choose 3 or 5 meals) is more traditional and child friendly – we even include some ideas on how to involve kids in the kitchen.

Most meals are adaptable for different tastes too so use your imagination and get the kids involved.

What if I don’t like a meal, can I change it?​

Well… the idea of Emma’s food bag is to make your life easy and take away the decision making process. Many people who use this sort of service do report trying things they wouldn’t normally cook and eat, so give it a go! You might just find a new favourite…​However, a lot of our customers tell us that they easily swap and change certain ingredients that are not on their favourite list. And most often than not, another family member will love what the other one doesn’t.

The other option is to make up your own bag from the Bespoke Menu Planner, pick and choose only the meals you want.


Is the food healthy?

Well of course it is – and delicious too! Our meals are based on local and fresh produce, lots of yummy fresh veggies, and good quality meats and protein sources. Emma has a BSc Honours in Human Nutrition so you can trust that the food coming your way is both nutritious and delicious! We endorse a nutritionally balanced diet, with plently of freshness, but with the odd treat meal.

What does “nutritionally balanced” mean?

I hear you, it is such a vague statement isn’t it? Even Emma who has a degree in Human Nutrition struggles with this term. However, she would say that there is no one meal that, on its own is healthy or unhealthy, we have to look at it in the context of the diet. Basically, all our meals are checked for nutritional content and we make sure that, across the week, any treats are counterbalanced by a lighter meal.

Do you include nutritional information such as kilojoule content in the bags?

Currently no. We have considered doing this but surveying our customers, most people wouldn’t find this additional service particularly useful. There’s not a lot of evidence to support that having this information will lead to healthier food choices, so we focus on sending out vege-full bags and healthy balanced meals. Also, because we use a lot of smaller suppliers and boutique producers, rather than supermarket brands, there is no real accurate way of analysing nutritional content. We would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Where does the food come from and how do I know you’re REALLY local?

That is something that is very important to us, and our customers too. We don’t just call ourselves local, we are! We always try to source our produce as local as possible. That doesn’t just mean NZ wide – but rather a 200 km radius from our base in Cambridge. We here in the Waikato are very blessed with great farmers and suppliers of wonderful produce and we want to make the most out of it. If we can’t get something within in the wider Waikato area, we try still to get it as close as possible. Every week we share with you most sources of our local produce online on our Website, in our newsletter every Tuesday as well as in our weekly email you will receive on Thursday prior to the delivery on Sunday/Monday.

Why does the fish and meat come vacuum packed?

Great question! In a nutshell, this type of packaging is not only more hygienic and environmentally friendly than regular Polystyrene packaging used by supermarkets, but it’s safer as it inhibits bacteria growth. Because of the reduced oxygen flow, the meat can sometimes give off a stronger odour. This does not mean it is off. We recommend opening the packaging and allowing it to air for 10 minutes – after this the odour should have disappeared.