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Free Recipe Friday: Lamb and spinach meatballs on cauliflower and buttermilk mash and an update from HQ

So there we have it. It’s officially autumn… well that’s great. I love autumn, it’s my favourite, but what I’m not quite sure about is how it rolled around so quickly… 
So what’s been going on here at EFB HQ lately? Not much, really…. Just kidding. As always in a young business driven by ambitious and creative people we are constantly working towards something. At the moment, the recipe creations team are working hard to get ahead of the game – we’re currently trialing recipes for end of April and May. The operations team are in the process of fine-tuning the packing and delivery procedures and it makes me so proud to say that everyone is working hard and showing such an amazing commitment to help improve the quality of our product and service. 
Proud business mama over here! 
Oh and then there’s the new website… how could i forget. We’re working with a cool cat called Samuel in Scotland (of all places) to build us a new sleek website which will help enhance the customer experience as well as allow us to launch a whole range of new products. 
Watch this space, that’s all I’m saying. Time’s are ‘a changin. Good things await. 
We’ve had some good times this week, and we’ve done some good eating. 
The last couple of weeks you have seen recipes produced by the wonderful Debby de Gouviea-Rennie. There’s definitely been a South African influence on the meals – Bunny chow and miele pap – lot’s of spices and herbs (to the packing team’s great delight). Debby is also great at inventing meals with a wholefood basis – something that makes me so happy inside. 
Here’s a picture of her posing, safely behind the camera still, in front of an array of wholesome meals, including lamb and spinach meatballs, cauliflower mash, chicken and roast vege salad, cauliflower taboouleh :
But enough about us, let’s talk about the food.I cooked this recipe for Kenzie and Harland on Wednesday and just added a little more cauliflower because 
a) Kenzie is a meatball monster 
b) We were all very hungry after a very active day
It was such a joy watching Kenzie tuck into these meatballs and loving every bite, knowing that she was getting the added goodness of green leafy vegetables.
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